Nobutake Gohdo


Nobutake Gohdo

Nobutake Gohdo is charged with ensuring that every client in Japan experiences success and satisfaction by utilizing Rimini Street’s portfolio of support services to the maximum possible extent. In this role he is responsible for the Company’s regional service delivery engineers and enterprise account managers.

Prior to joining Rimini Street, Mr. Gohdo held senior management positions at Citrix, Oracle and SAP. At Citrix, Nobutake Gohdo served as Senior Manager, Product Readiness and Technical Support. At Oracle, he was Director, Oracle on Demand, responsible for service provisioning and delivery. At SAP, as Vice President, Active Global Support Japan, Mr. Gohdo was responsible for a team of 150 that provided software support and managed key accounts.

Mr. Gohdo holds a Bachelor of Precision Machinery Engineering from Nihon University, College of Science and Technology, Tokyo, Japan.

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